Amazing Products to Put in a Fish Tank

If you just got a fish tank or are planning to get one, you have probably spent time looking at the different types of fish, aquarium setups, and the accessories you will need—such as filters, lights, and more.

However, you might not have put much thought into what else you can put in the fish tank.

There are many amazing decorations, items, toys, and even accessories, plus various animals you can put in your fish tank.

Let’s take a look at some amazing products to put in a fish tank.


We want to start off with a very amazing one, snails. Of course, snails are not decorations but living beings.

If you are just getting into the world of fishkeeping, you might wonder why you would add these slimy little creatures to your tank.

It is all about convenience and maintenance. Snails are significant algae cleaners, and they love eating old food and plant matter.

Simply put, not only do some snails look neat, but they are also amazing because they actively clean your tank for you, thus minimizing maintenance for you.

Marimo Moss Balls


A really amazing decoration that you can add to your fish tank is also a functional one —the Marimo Moss Ball.

As you can probably guess from the name, these are moss balls, and they are alive. These moss balls can come in different sizes ranging from just an inch or two in diameter all the way up to several feet wide. Moss balls look very neat.

That green ball, all of those little mossy parts, sway and undulate in the water. It can actually be quite mesmerizing.

Moreover, scavenger fish enjoy moss balls because they can pick through them for uneaten food. Furthermore, these moss balls also act as excellent water filters.

They can’t replace an aquarium filter, but they can certainly help take some of the load off the filter.

Leaf Hammocks


Yet another amazing thing you can put in your aquarium is a leaf hammock or two. Leaf hammocks are designed to look like real leaves, but are, of course, made of artificial materials, sometimes silk and sometimes plastic.

If you have fish that enjoy laying down on their sides or napping with something under them, something Betta fish love to do, this type of hammock is perfect.

Rock Caves


Another amazing thing is a rock cave or as many as you want. For one, rock caves look really neat, and they add something to the atmosphere.

Moreover, these rock caves are also functional. Fish love to explore, so a good rock cave will provide them with entertainment.

On that same note, many fish like to have some privacy at times, and rock caves offer the perfect hideout.

Hollow Driftwood


The next amazing product that you can consider putting in your fish tank is a large piece of hollow driftwood.

First off, you want the driftwood to be hollow for the same reason you would put rock caves into the tank—it gives your fish something to explore, as well as some privacy.

Moreover, driftwood is also an excellent addition because it can become an anchor point for various plants, particularly carpeting plants.

Finally, the right kind of driftwood can leach tannins into the water, a substance that can make the water more acidic.

Under the right circumstances, it can be beneficial for maintaining the proper pH level in your aquarium.

Other Amazing Products for Aquariums

The fact is that there are so many amazing products for aquariums to choose from that we couldn’t possibly list them all here today. That said, here are some more neat ideas.


As you can see, there are so many amazing products you can put in your aquarium, and we haven’t even gotten close to listing them all.

The point is that you can create some fantastic aquarium setups with all of the amazing stuff out there—your imagination is your only limit.