Is It Bad To Have A Fish Tank In Your Bedroom?

Is it bad to have a fish tank in your bedroom? A question often asked by many fish keepers.

Although most tanks are placed in living or sitting rooms, the reason for wanting one in the bedroom is because it creates a soothing, relaxing environment that adds an element of nature.

Imagine relaxing in bed watching your favorite movie, with the visual appearance of a tank full of beautiful fish. In this guide we are going to look at both the pros and cons of keeping a fish tank in the bedroom.

We will also look at some very important things to consider, if you do decide you want a fish tank in your bedroom.

Is It Okay To Have A Fish Tank In The Bedroom?

Is It Bad To Have A Fish Tank In Your Bedroom?

It is perfectly fine to have a fish tank in your bedroom. In fact, there is even research to prove that it can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Some people think it is unhygienic or may cause health issue but this simply isn’t the case.

There are some negatives such as sound issues, unappealing smell, and humidity issues. But with the correct setup and know-how, you can easily eliminate all of these problems. We will go into more detail on the pros and cons in the next section.

The Pros Of A Fish Tank In The Bedroom

Creates A Sense Of Calm

As an element of nature, water can create a peaceful sense of calm. Watching beautiful fish swim around in water can be very relaxing. Especially if you have some nice plants and decorations inside to give it that stunning visual effect.

If you are somebody that has trouble sleeping, then a fish tank in your bedroom may be just the thing you need to make you feel relaxed and promote deep sleep. This is the reason why you see aquariums in office environments at corporate organizations.

Research also found that it can reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure in a study conducted at the National Marine Aquarium.

Visually Pleasing

Fish tanks are just great to look at. As previously stated, especially if you have some great decorations and some plants inside to go along with beautifully colored fish.

When you are relaxing in bed after a long hard day, you’l find your eyes wondering more towards the fish tank than the television.

Limited Space

It may be a case of there is no space in the living room, kitchen, or any other room in your home, and the only option for your tank is the bedroom.

Accident Prevention

Keeping a fish tank in the bedroom is a good idea if you have a busy household with kids and pets running about everyday. Although accidents could still happen, a tank being tucked away in the bedroom drastically reduces the chances of an accident happening.

The Cons Of A Fish Tank In The Bedroom

Noise Issues

There are certain components such as the filter that can get a little noisy, especially when dirt starts to build up. This added noise can disrupt your sleep, especially if you are a light sleeper. We do have a solution to this a bit further down in this article.

Can Be Smelly

As you can imagine, bio-waste such as excess food, excrement, and dead fish can produce an unappealing smell that can effect your sleep. This can be troublesome, especially if you are used to aromatic scents in a clean bedroom.

Potential Safety Concerns

If you are going to keep a fish tank in your bedroom, you can’t just place it on any old nightstand or dresser. Typical bedroom furniture is just not sturdy enough. If it were to fall, not only could it could your fish, but it is also very costly to replace.

Your aquarium should be on a strong, sturdy platform that is going to hold the weight of your tank without any issues.

Humidity Levels

High humidity can make you hot and sweaty because it prevents the moisture from evaporating on your body. Ideally, the humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent to enable you to have a great night’s sleep.

Aquariums can add moisture into the air and raise humidity levels which can effect your sleep. Aquarium lights can also produce a lot of heat which add to the problem.

Evaporation in Your Fish Tank

As mentioned in the previous point, aquariums can add moisture into the air. Mold can develop in your bedroom if enough water evaporates which can become a health hazard. The solution is to add a lid to your tank and/or keep your bedroom well ventilated.

Things To Consider About Bedrooms Aquariums

Invest In A Quiet Filter

A standard filter can be a little noisy. This generally isn’t an issue if you have an aquarium in the living room as the noise of the television will block it out.

This noise can be an issue if it is in your bedroom and you are trying to sleep, and switching it off is not an option as it has to be kept on at all times. If you plan on getting an aquarium for your bedroom, it is definitely worth investing in a more silent model.

You can take a look on Amazon for quiet aquarium filters.

Turn Off Lights

Unlike a filter, aquarium lights do not need to be on at all times. To reduce humidity you can turn off the lights during the night. To make this process easier, when purchasing you lights, make sure to get aquarium lights with an automatic timer.

Tips To Reduce Humidity

As well as turning off the lights, here are some other things you can do to prevent the  bedroom from becoming too humid.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

If you are going to place a fish tank in your bedroom, make sure it is in a spot where there is no direct sunlight. The reason for this is because the production of algae in the water will be affected and develop in a short period of time if the tank is in direct sunlight.

Do Not Use Air Conditioning

As fish need a stable temperature throughout the day, it’s important not to use AC. This can be an issue in the bedroom during the summer months when it is too hot to sleep.

If you live in a hot country or cannot sleep without AC, then putting an aquarium in your bedroom may not be the best idea.

Can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick?

Having a fish tank is completely harmless and it is not going to make you sick. As previously stated, the worst thing that can happen is a build up of mold due to too much moisture.

But if you read the tips above, you can see that this is an easy solution to fix. Just simply turn of your aquarium lids and use a lid to cover the tank.

Where Should You Not Put a Fish Tank?

Here are some places that you should never put a fish tank due to potential accidents and fluctuations of temperature:

  • Direct Sunlight: This can cause algae to develop fast.
  • AC/Fireplace/Heaters: This can affect the overal health of your fish due to fluctuations in the tank’s temperature.
  • Middle Of A Room: Putting a tank in the middle of the room drastically increases the chances of it being knocked over.
  • On The Floor: An accident could happen such as dropping object onto the aquarium.
  • Near A Door: The constant opening and closing of the door could scare your fish. When a fish is constantly scared or anxious, they can become ill.
  • By The TV: Just like a door, the noise and flashing lights of the TV can stress your fish out which can lead to illness.
  • By An Electrical Outlet: This is dangerous as it can cause a short circuit or electric shock. Always place your aquarium at the very least a foot away from any power outlet.
  • Lightweight Platform: Some people place fish tanks on any old table in the home, but this can be very risky. It’s always worth the extra investment to get as sturdy platform for your aquarium to ensure it is safe.


Just to summarize. Is it bad to have a fish tank in your bedroom? It is perfectly fine to have a fish tank in your bedroom. The added benefits such as reducing levels of stress and that element of nature is going to make you feel great.

Providing you use a silent filter, turn off the lights at night, and place a lid on the aquarium to prevent build up of moisture and humidity, you should get a great night’s sleep without any issues at all.