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How Long do Goldfish Live?

The goldfish is a member of the carp family, native to East Asia. During China’s Tang dynasty, they began to be cultivated for ornamental purposes and bred for red, orange, and yellow varieties.
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What Do Goldfish Eat?

Today’s goldfish are descendants of wild Asian carp selectively bred over centuries to achieve the distinctive orange, yellow, and red hues that we love so much.
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Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black?

When you see that your goldfish is turning black, you might immediately think that something is not right. While it’s true that, often, turning from gold to black can be a normal phase in a goldfish’s life, it’s also true that it can be an…
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How Often Do You Feed Goldfish?

Taking care of a tiny goldfish may seem easy. But in reality, it’s not that simple. Goldfish need to have a specific feeding schedule, and vital factors such as age, growth, spawning, and temperature determine how you’ll organize their…
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