What Do Betta Fish Eat?

When it comes to choosing fish for your aquarium, betta fish are among the top choices. They are strikingly beautiful and attractive fish. They get along well with their own kind, but not so well with other species of fish. This is why betta fish are mostly kept apart from other fish. Even so, taking … Read more

Why Isn’t My Betta Fish Moving?

Why Isn’t My Betta Fish Moving

Betta fish are a stunning and attractive fish species, and they are known for their colorful fins. However, they are not considered to be friendly fish who play well with other fish. This is why they are mostly kept alone.

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

Do Betta Fish Sleep

Because bettas don’t have eyelids, it can be hard to tell if they are asleep, or if they even sleep at all. But bettas do sleep, just like people. Let’s learn all about the sleeping habits of betta fish.