What Kind Of Water For Betta Fish?

When I was a child, having a betta fish’s tank was one of my dreams. However, I used to fail to raise them many times, and I know that many people are facing the same issue as me. For instance, the way you take care of them, as well as the food you feed them, will have a great effect on their health. Especially, you need to use the right type of water since it is the main habitat for betta fish. Therefore, you need to provide them the right natural living place and sufficient nutrient. However, this is not an easy task for many people. As a result, I am going to show you some incredible tips about what kind of water for betta fish. By applying my guidelines, you can protect your precious betta fish.

What Kind of Water for Betta Fish

Tap water

First of all, I think that tap water coming straight from the faucet is the most available type for most people. It is convenient so that many people tend to use this kind of water for their fish tanks very regularly.

Moreover, tap water is safe for our health when drinking as it includes many added chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals together with chloramines. However, this will do harm to the health of our betta fish, and even killing them without any notice.

As a consequence, should we still use tap water for betta fish? The answer is yes. You can still take advantage of the water conditioners to get rid of the added chemicals. By doing this, you can prevent the chemicals from hurting the fish as well as creating a healthy environment for them.

If you are confused about what kind of water conditioners to buy, you can either choose the one for freshwater or for betta fish. I have used this machine for a long time, and I am totally satisfied with its functions. Furthermore, it is very affordable and useful for anyone.

After using this item, tap water will be an excellent source of water for betta fish. It will provide the sufficient nutrients and the healthy habitat for them. But remember, the ideal water temperature for betta fish is from 76 to 82 degrees. This perfect temperature range will make your fish more and more beautiful.

Bottled spring water

Going to the next option, spring water should be on your mind if you are having a betta fish’s tank right now. This type is more expensive if you compare with tap water. However, it does not go through any removal process of nutrients and minerals.

And of course, these minerals are essential for the survival and development of betta fish. Also, bottled spring water does not contain any added chemicals like tap water. But you need to pay much attention to the pH level of the bottled spring water.

The recommended pH level for betta fish is between 6.5 and 8. Hence, you should always check the pH level of the spring water before pouring it into your tank. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous for your betta fish.

Distilled and purified water

Have you ever used distilled water for betta fish?

Many people think that distilled water is similar to the tap water, but it is totally wrong. It no longer has the chemicals, the nutrients, along with the minerals because it is processed to remove all of these elements. Hence, this type is not suitable for betta fish.

In case you want to use it for your betta fish tank, you need to have the proper adjustment. By having the right treatment, you can add more nutrients to the distilled water. You can also have the great control over the pH level, which is a significant factor for the life of betta fish.

In the past, I used to pour the untreated distilled water into the betta fish habitat. And well, the result was awful and disappointing. All of my betta fish could not survive since they did not have enough energy and became dull. So, I do not recommend using this type of water for betta fish since it requires the professional and difficult treatment.

Special water for betta

ELIVE Betta Water Pre-Conditioned Water,1 Gallon
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  • ideal water chemistry
  • No chlorine or chloramines
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Last but not least, there are some specific types of water which are made for betta fish on the current market. You can easily find them in the supermarkets or the local markets. It goes through the pre-conditioned process for betta fish so that it has the perfect pH levels. Moreover, you do not need to worry about the harmful elements and chemicals.

However, I have to say that using this kind of water is not the best choice since it is very expensive. But the convenient thing is that you can immediately put this water into your tank without any treatment.


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing in this article will contribute to your ultimate knowledge. Based on your needs and your individual case, you can decide what kind of water for betta fish after reading my guidelines. In my opinion, using the tap water should be your priority since it is very convenient, affordable and simple. You do not have to waste much time on checking and worrying. Believe in my words because I have a number of years and experience taking care of the betta fish. I love them very much, so I always want to give them the best things. And of course, in case you have any queries and confusion related to this topic, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.