Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks in 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks in 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

Looking for the best self-cleaning fish tanks? A self-cleaning fish tank may sound too good to be true for most people, and they think it must be a hoax.

After all, keeping fish is a hobby with chores, and cleaning your tank is one of the chores you can’t escape.

But they are wrong, self-cleaning fish tanks are for real and are here to stay. Overall they are handy, and there is a lot of excellent products that can make your fish-keeping a pleasant experience.

Not all of the products on the market are actually worthwhile, and seeking the right self-cleaning fish tank might take a while.

We have put together this article for you to eliminate much of the searching. This will give you more time to sit back and enjoy your new self-cleaning fish tank.

We will discuss some of the best self-cleaning fish tanks.

Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks: Reviews

biOrb Flow 30 Aquarium

The primary purpose of the biOrb Flow 3000 Aquarium is to make it easier and more convenient for people to keep their fish pets. This was really the purpose of the Father/Son team that has started the biOrb Flow 3000.

The biOrb was designed with maintenance and convenience as the main issues. Therefore, it is ideal for the person who doesn’t want to spend hours cleaning and maintaining the system.

Among the reasons that make it such a popular aquarium is, first of all, its beautiful design. It can be the center, or it can just blend in as a functional aquarium. It is definitely one of the most extraordinary-looking aquariums on the market.

If you are a starter that wants to gain knowledge and experience while having a beautiful fish tank, then the biOrb will be perfect for you.

The biOrb flow comes with all the necessary equipment to set up your aquarium except for the tank itself. What’s included in the package is the following:

  • 12 volt LED light
  • 900g of ceramic media
  • Filter cartridge
  • 12v transformer
  • Low voltage air pump
  • Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid
  • Fish food

All of the smaller items are included, so you do not have to go and purchase them separately.

BiOrb fish tanks are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their own fast and easy cleaning system.

The tedious job of cleaning and maintaining a fish tank is why many people avoid having a fish tank altogether.  The biOrb fish tank has eradicated this problem and has made it convenient and possible for everyone to have a fish tank.

There are various good reasons you should purchase the biOrb, but as with all purchases, it is always good to look at the pros and cons.


  • The biOrb has a stunning design that would be a valuable addition to any room.
  • The built-in five-stage filtration system helps in keeping the water clean and clear.
  • A remarkably affordable fish tank with all the features and the quality of the product taken into consideration.


The biOrb fish tank doesn’t have any major disadvantages, but like any other product, it is not 100% perfect, and there is room for improvement.

  • Light in the tank is not adequate to grow any plants in the tank. You can always start with plastic plants until you have enough knowledge to grow live aquarium plants.
  • The opening of the tank might be a little too small to do any work in the tank.


Size: 5 X 10.2 X 14.8 Inches

Weight:  7 Pounds

Type: Filtration

Is The biOrb flow For You?

The vibrant and attractive color combinations utilized in the biOrb flow can easily make it the centerpiece of a room.   Otherwise, it will just blend in addition to the extravagance of the room.

It is the best fish tank to use for beginners because of its simplicity to use while still contributing to the aura of a room. The filter works perfectly as a waste box, just take it out and replace it with a fresh one.

No other self-cleaning kit can give you these advantages, but your decision will be based on your needs at the end of the day. If you are a newbie in the hobby and first want to test the waters, then this is definitely the way to get going.

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Aqua Sprouts Garden

This fish tank allows you to combine aquaculture and hydroponics in a unique and modern way. If anyone of them is your hobby, then you will love the other even more!

Aquaculture is the venture of breeding and keeping fish and shellfish in an aquarium. Hydroponics, on the other hand, is where you grow plants that bear their food aboveground in water solvent beds. With this method, you don’t need ground as a medium but are replacing it with water as the medium.

It creates a very efficient ecosystem where the plants grow from the excretion of the fish and other organic waste pumped up to the plants using a pump. The fish benefit from the cleaner water with nitrates removed from the water.

This is the ideal option for any person in need of an aquarium and a mini garden with healthy food. It will meet both needs, and you only pay for one!

Like we have said before, nothing is perfect, and we need to see both ends of the coin to select the best one that satisfies our needs.


  • Minimal waste as the plants helps you
  • That gives us less cleaning of the tank
  • Makes the tank an even more visually appealing sight
  • A self-sufficient ecosystem


  • The amount of fish in the aquarium is limited
  • A growth bed is only good for plants with a shallow root system


Size: 28 X 8 X 17 Inches

Weight: 24 Pounds

Type:  Hydroponics

Features And Benefits Of The Aqua Sprouts Garden

The grow bed is installed on top of the aquarium, and here, you can grow vegetables and herbs that bear aboveground.

The level and depth of the growth bed can be adjusted with the help of risers depending on the specific type of plants you are cultivating.

Plants require light for photosynthesis, and if you position the tank where adequate light is not available, you can install a light bar to deliver the light needed for photosynthesis.

The water in the tank is pumped into the garden containing fish excrete. The fish excrete pure nitrogen, which the plants take up to produce growth. The pump is usually attached to a timer, and water will be pumped automatically.

The plants keep the tank clean by utilizing fish excrete and taking up nitrates in the water, so less cleaning of the tank is needed.

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My Fun Fish Tank

Your child’s chances of coming to you and asking if they can keep a fish is very good. The My Fun Fish Tank is an excellent way to get your kids interested in keeping fish.

A siphon system is installed during assembly, and every time it is filled up with water, the bottom water and debris at the bottom of the tank flow out. This will keep your fish tank clean and free from fish excrement with the gravity cleaning system.

This is really a fantastic way to allow a kid to keep a fish, and most of the cleaning will be done by adding water to the aquarium.

A battery-operated light can be attached to the lid that will provide light in the fish tank.


  • Easy and affordable way to get children to engage in fish keeping.
  • The circulation of water works well.


  • There is just enough water for one small fish.
  • Water should be added regularly to get debris out.


Size: 5 X 4.5 X 10 Inches

Weight: 1 Pound

Type: Hydroponics

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Penn Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

The high-quality plastic tank will be a great attribute to your home décor. It gives a complete enclosed ecosystem where plants live on the excrete of fish and filter the water to provide a natural habitat where the fish can live happily.

This beta fish tank of 1,4 gallons is suitable for most leaf vegetables, herbs, and indoor houseplants. The tank is 8 inches high with a diameter of 10 inches, and planting stones made of ceramic substrates are included.

White Cloud minnow, Bloodfin Tetra, and small Goldfish can easily be kept in the aquarium.

The fish tank can be cleaned easily, and it can be used as a stand-alone feeder for thirsty plants.

Because it is small and lightweight, it can be moved anywhere in the house where you are.


  • Minimal and natural look.
  • No filter or water pump is required.
  • Great for Japanese fighting fish.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Occupies very little space
  • Low maintenance


  • Because it is small, it can just house one fish.

My Fun Fish tank can be used as a décor item or for children.


Size: 8 X 8 X 10 Inches

Weight: 2 Pounds

Type: Aquaponics

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Eco Qube C 1001b Aquarium

The Eco Cube C Aquarium is the ideal desktop aquarium that can highlight your home décor. The aquarium is lightweight and sleek, provides the fish with the perfect ecosystem to live in, and is easy to clean.

The aid of an aquaponics filter ensures that minimal maintenance is required. Even the filter doesn’t need replacement and is durable. Therefore no additional money is needed to keep your aquarium neat and clean.

The ultra-thin LED light provides a bright light and helps to give a natural look inside the aquarium. You are able to change the spectrum of colors to enhance the visual interaction with the aid of the light.


  • Water usage is minimal.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Very low noise level.


  • The design lack innovation.
  • The self-cleaning system is not very effective.


Size: 7.5 X 7.5 X 9 Inches.

Weight: 6.44 Pounds

Type: Filter

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Buyers Guide – Best Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks

Before you start searching for the best self-cleaning fish tanks, it is imperative to know how actually to identify the best one. In this guide, we discuss several criteria that you must keep in mind when selecting the ideal self-cleaning fish tank for your purpose.


There are basically three types discussed in this article. The first one is the filter-driven method, where water is circulated through a filter system.

The second one is the water garden type, where plants on top of the aquarium feed on the fresh excrete and nitrates created in the water by the fish.

The third type is the gravity-based system, where water with excrement is siphoned from the tank when new water is added. They are the smaller aquariums in this article.

Which type you choose depends on your own likes and needs.


The size or the capacity of a fish tank is an essential consideration when you buy one. Don’t just buy it because you like the looks but rather keep the following in mind;

An easy rule of thumb is to reserve a gallon of water for every inch of fish you want to keep. If your aquarium you want to have is smaller than a gallon, you will only be able to go for a tiny fish.

The second criteria for tank size are the space you have available for an aquarium. A smaller aquarium can easily fit onto your desktop, whereas a bigger one will have a dedicated place where it will fit.

If you take these factors into consideration regarding the size, you should be pretty safe.


Before buying an aquarium, you should find out what the carrying capacity of the thing is on which you want to put the aquarium. Not doing this might end in chaos!


Fish tanks keep up with innovation and have come a long way since first introduced. The most significant advantage we have seen in the development of fish tanks is the introduction of easy cleaning fish tanks.

Using them nowadays make keeping fish a lot easier, and they can be used as a demonstrative tool to teach children a lot about nature.


Does Fish Tank Water Have To Be Treated?

Change 10% of your aquarium water on a weekly basis or 25% every two weeks. Replacement water should be at the same temperature as aquarium water. Treat tap water with a water conditioner to neutralize chlorine and ammonia before adding it to the aquarium. Change the filter cartridges at least once a month.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Self-Cleaning Fish Tanks?

– Algae outbreaks are very common in these fish tanks, and you won’t always have room to add Algae eating fish, snail, or shrimp to fix the problem.
– Fish waste often builds up quickly in small gravity-based tanks, and the siphon won’t catch all the debris.


Cleaning a self-cleaning tank will just take a minute; it’s easy enough for even a child to do. It just needs a few cups of treated water every second day. You can collect the dirty water in a container as well and then use it to fertilize or water your garden.