How to Breed Betta Fish Like a Boss?

Betta fish is colorful and easy to take care of. There are reasons why the majority of the people choose to keep them. Even, everyone wants to breed them.

Nonetheless, the breeding process will become more difficult if you do not exactly know how to breed betta fish. Without observing, they will be able to kill each other. To avoid the risks and get the best result after breeding, continue reading my article to know more.

Curious about How to Breed Betta Fish – Go for It!

Before Breeding Betta Fish

To start to breed betta fish, there are several things that you need to prepare…

  • Necessary Things

The first, you need to have a sponge filter. Having it, you will not worry about the filtration system, which will suck the betta eggs. The floating plants are also important. The last thing is the food to provide the betta young.

  • Your Fish Tank

Have you had what you need? Well, for the time being, get your aquarium ready.

  • Filly pours the water into the fish tank.
  • Use the water conditioner to treat the water properly.
  • Make sure the water temperature within 700 – 720
  • Ensure the absolute safety without having any harmfulness once you place the betta fish in the aquarium.
  • Pick up Betta Fish to Breed

Of course, you will need a female and male betta in order to start the breeding process. For the male betta, prioritize to choose the beautiful long fins while the female ought to be healthy and strong.

Let’s feel secure! It is easy to distinguish the betta gender. If the female has a white egg spot, the male has the long fin. You can find them at the local stores.

How to Breed Betta Fish

Yes, everything has been prepared. Continuously, start to breed betta fish. Step by step, here are…

Step #1 – Get Rid of the Divider

Is the meal ready to breed? So, you can recognize a big bubble nest built within 2 or 3 days. At that time, you should switch off the filter and start releasing the female into your aquarium.

Don’t worry if you see him that is chasing her. This one is no problem as long as it does not affect the life. I can call it as the courtship. It can last a couple of hours or days.

Remember to check regularly and make sure the hiding places so as to avoid the female getting injuries.

Step #2 – Let the Process Naturally

In this step, don’t require too much your interference because the female will finally be conquered by his bubble nest. Basically, to be able to produce eggs, the female can experience some embraces.

Hence, she will fall into a state like a zombie while the white eggs will fall down in turn. The task scooping these eggs are the male, which swims down and collects each into his nest.

In some cases, the females can be going to help. Inversely, she can eat the eggs. Correspondingly, you can consider removing her. Though both can have some embracing times, the releasing-egg process will eventually be stopped.

Step #3 – Take the Female Betta out of Your Aquarium

After releasing the eggs, the female can be going to be bullied. So, let’s remove and place her in another tank. Use Maroxy to treat the tank containing the female. Beside from that, the breeding tank also needs to be treated with Maroxy. The purpose is to protect the eggs from the fungus.

Step #4 – Don’t Remove the Male

Yes, the male is likely allowed leaving in the breeding tank until the betta young may swim. Frequently, it will take several days ~ 3 days.

During this time, you can choose to feed or not. You can feed a bit on the second day. This helps to minimize the risk of eating the eggs from the male. With the leftover foods, let remove them gently after that.

Furthermore, don’t forget keeping the filter off. By this way, you can avoid disturbing the fry. However, the light must be ensured on both day and night.

Tips When Breeding Betta Fish

To increase the success rate of the breeding process, there are 3 tips that you ought to follow…

  • Provide a healthy diet

It can say that the diet is quite important for breeding. The nature of betta fish is carnivores, so you may feed them with daphnia, mosquito, bloodworms, for example.

Personally, I choose the pellets that help to maintain the health of the betta fish.

  • Make sure the betta fish healthy

The breeding process will get the best result if the male and female betta are healthy. Once both have the problems related to the illness or health, they can affect the hatchlings. Consequently, have to observe them in order to ensure without having the signs of illness.

  • Prepare a separate tank to breed

As known, the betta fish is pretty aggressive. You will not be able to get the best breeding result if you do this process in a tank with other pieces. The best plan would be best to have a nursery so that they can comfortably act.

In a Nutshell

How to breed betta fish is not too difficult as long as you do the right steps. Keep what I shared in mind, including the preparation and tips, it makes sure that you will get the healthy and beautiful betta young. Good successful!