Why Is My Betta Fish Swimming Sideways?

For most of the Betta keepers, Bettas are not only fish. And they are stunning pets. For some, Bettas become even a part of their family. This is so for all the right reasons. Due to their offbeat and unique personality, Bettas are…
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Why Are Fish At The Top Of Tank?

Usually, aquarium fish are seen happily swimming and hanging out at different depths of the aquarium they live in. Some fish types mostly prefer to dwell near the bottom surface, while others are more interested in spending their days in…
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What Fish Can Live With Turtles?

Keeping turtles as pets and setting up a proper setup requires time, planning, and money. If you have made up your mind about setting up an ideal aquarium set up for your pet turtles and your plan of action is an aquarium, filter, lighting,…
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