Best Rimless Aquariums in 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

Best Rimless Aquariums in 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

One of the most exciting developments in the last few years in the home and office aquarium environment is the creating of rimless aquariums. For many years people believed that although having the best rimless aquariums would have been nice, it just was not possible. It was believed that the glass panes need rims to stay intact and leak-free.

However, with advancements in technology, it is now possible to omit the bracing around the top of the fish tank as well as the canopy.

The advantage of this is that it leaves the top free of any visual obstructions. It creates the illusion of an “endless” aquarium. A rimless aquarium also easily blends in with your home or office décor.

Rimless aquariums are only held together by silicon glue. Therefore you’ll find that it is the smaller aquariums that are benefitting from the rimless technology. Glue on its own is not strong enough to hold together a large tank with many gallons of water. Size definitely plays a role when manufacturing rimless aquariums.

Other material than glass, like acrylic, is also much stronger and more suitable for rimless aquariums.

Best Rimless Aquariums: Reviews

Landen Rimless Low Iron Glass Aquarium

The Landen Rimless Low Iron Glass Aquarium is seen by many as one of the best rimless aquariums on the market. The tank is made from 8mm thick crystal clear low iron glass. This gives at least 91% transparency. The tank is 23.6 inches long, 15.7 inches wide and 15.7 inches in height. It weighs 43.6 pounds. It offers premium quality work on the fish tank’s silicone rimming.

When you purchase this aquarium you must keep in mind that you only get the tank. You’ll have to research what extra equipment you need and buy it separately. The items you still need include tank filters, lighting and heaters or chillers.

It is not an aquarium for the beginner. A seasoned aquarium enthusiast will know what extra equipment is needed and will know how to assemble the aquarium correctly.

The pros of this aquarium are that it comes with low iron and high transparency glass. It has clean silicon lines and you can buy the components you want.

There is not many cons, except that it is not for a beginner. One other con is that it is more expensive to build a DIY tank than purchasing a kit with everything provided. But that is not unique to this tank. It is true of every fish tank you buy without the full kit.

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Fluval Sea Evo V Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Kit

Always wanted to have a seawater aquarium? Then this rimless 13.5-gallon glass aquarium for saltwater fish is the ideal aquarium to have in your home or office.

It offers a stylish honeycomb design that conceals the rear aquarium filter compartment. It also conceals the aquarium water line but still looks ultra-modern.

You don’t have to be an aquarium expert to start with this fish tank. When you purchase the kit you get, apart from the 13.5-gallon tank, a fully integrated LED lighting system. This system is low-voltage and safe.

You also receive the circulation pump with an output nozzle, a foam filter block with a handle, a BioMax insert, and an activated carbon insert.

The fish tank is 23.4 x 13.5 x 15.6 inches and weighs 26.7 pounds.

With this Fluval aquarium, you can enjoy your saltwater fish tank hobby for less money, less effort and less space than normally required for saltwater fish.

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Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium

This 5-gallon aquarium kit gives you a beautiful small rimless aquarium. It is also a curved glass fish tank that adds even more uniqueness to your aquarium. This fish tank comes complete with a black pedestal base,

Even beginners can start with this aquarium, as it is a complete kit you purchase. The kit comes with a built-in filter, a LED light rail, and a glass canopy on top. It has a sleek and modern look with its rounded corners.

The light bar is special as it includes blue and white LED lights. The lights can be switched from one color to the other, or you can use both colors simultaneously. The blue LEDs enhance the colors of your fish and every ornament in the aquarium.

The dimensions of the aquarium are 11.81 x 11.62 x 17.05 inches and therefore can fit into a small space.  Use a space in your home or office where it will fit and this little fish tank will transform that corner or wall into a living artwork.

If you’re looking for a high-quality small rimless fish tank kit, this might be your answer.

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Buyers Guide

Who are Rimless Aquariums for?

Experienced Aquarists

Generally, rimless aquariums are sold without the accessories to complete your fish tank. You have to buy filters, lights, heaters, etc. to complete your tank.

Therefore the rimless aquarium is recommended for experienced aquarists.

Beginner Hobbyists

Luckily there are also full kit rimless aquariums in the market. It is more expensive than buying only the tank and the rest of the accessories yourself. But the kit provides you with everything you need to set up your aquarium and get it running.

These all-in-one kits are great for beginners.

Design Buffs

If you live in a modern-styled home or have a very trendy office, a rimless aquarium provides the sleek look you want.  A natural-looking rimless aquarium will fit in with your environment nicely.

How to Choose a Rimless Aquarium

There are several types on the market today. The most basic choice is a rimless aquarium cube. Besides a foam or rubber mat to sit on, these tanks don’t come with anything else. You have to accessorize and customize them with pumps, filters, lights, etc.

As mentioned earlier there are also several all-in-one rimless aquarium kits available that are generally very beginner-friendly.

Advantages And Benefits Of A Rimless Aquarium

Sleek Look

The look of the rimless tank is visually attractive. It offers a sleek and natural feeling. There are no black plastic or iron framing. In many cases, there is also no canopy.

Ability to Choose your Accessories

If you are an experienced aquarist you will most probably opt for a rimless tank without the accessories. You would like to buy your own equipment to get your rimless tank working.

Disadvantages of a Rimless Aquarium

Jumping Fish

Many rimless aquariums do not have a canopy. This means you have to select your fish very carefully. Fish can jump out of the aquarium.

Water Spills

As there is no canopy water can spill from the tank.  Something can also get into the tank easily. Somebody can also drop something accidentally into the tank.

Creeping Salt

Saltwater aquariums may produce a salt residue. This residue builds up at the waterline. You have to clean this unpleasant look regularly.

What do You have to Do to Start with a Rimless Aquarium?

Your first step is to decide where you want to put your aquarium. Measure the space as the length, width and height of your new aquarium have to be compatible with the space available.

Then decide whether you want to build your aquarium with a full kit, or do you want to purchase only the tank and then purchase all the other accessories separately.

The next step is to start searching for different brands and models. Also, decide whether you are going to buy a glass or an acrylic fish tank. Remember that acrylic tanks are available in a greater variety of sizes and shapes.

The bottom line is that rimless tanks are great aquariums to have. They look sleek and modern. Any rimless aquarium will impress your friends and guests.


What is the importance of a rimless aquarium?

A rimless aquarium always catches the eye. There are no distractions and you and your friends, colleagues or visitors are looking directly at the fish and ornaments in the tank. There are no iron frame at the corners or a lid at the top. You experience the aquarium as an “endless” water scene.

You can view all the fish and the ornaments in the tank from any side. The special strong glass or acrylic sides provide a very clear view of the inside of the tank.

If you think of your aquarium as a work of art that must enhance the décor of your room, a rimless aquarium is what you need.

How will I maintain a rimless aquarium?

In principle, you maintain a rimless aquarium exactly as you would maintain an aquarium with a rim. However, if you have a saltwater aquarium there is one extra aspect you must attend to regularly. The saltwater can cause a dark ring at the level of the water. To keep your aquarium beautiful you’ll have to clean the top part of your tank regularly.

Most rimless aquariums also don’t have a top lid. You have to check every day for things that could have climbed or jumped into your fish tank.

Some articles can also be blown by the wind into the aquarium or someone could’ve accidentally dropped something into the tank. When you spot something, take it out of your aquarium.

To enjoy the beautiful appearance of a rimless aquarium, this little bit of extra work is worthwhile!


Nowadays, there are a variety of rimless aquarium types available. We hope you’ve got answers to most of your questions regarding rimless aquarium.