Best Wall Mounted Fish Tanks in 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

Best Wall Mounted Fish Tanks in 2021: Reviews with Comparisons

Wall mounted fish tanks are a beautiful way to turn your aquarium into a gorgeous piece of home décor. They transform your fish and aquarium décor into living artwork, and also keep your fish conveniently out of the way of kids, pets, and accidents. Here are some of the best wall mounted fish tanks available today.

Best Wall Mounted Fish Tanks Reviews


Sweetsea Hanging Wall Mounted 1 Gallon Fish Tank

The Sweetsea Hanging Wall Mounted Fish Tank is made of clear acrylic plastic, with a wall-mounted design that saves space in your home. It measures 11.6 x 11.6 x 5 inches, and holds one gallon of water. Also, it is easy to install with the included mounting nails and hook, and is stable on the wall.

It is the perfect way to hang and display a small fish, a small amount of tank décor, and living plants, adding color and life to any room.

The biggest drawback for this type of wall-mounted fish bubble is that it can be difficult to clean. For thorough cleaning, it should be removed from the wall for easy access. But it can’t stand upright, so any fish should be placed in a different container while cleaning. When hanging this type of wall-mounted fish tank, look for a sturdy wall stud that can handle the weight. Also, consider how you will easily access it for cleaning.

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Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium 

The Aussie Aquariums View Wall Mounted Aquarium is a complete aquarium kit designed for mounting on a wall. The View model measures 23.2 x 4.5 x 12.8 inches, and holds 2 gallons of water. The wall-mounted aquarium is open at the top for easy access and feeding, but also has a custom fit lid to keep fish safe and protect the water quality.

The surrounding frame provides a stylish look to this fish tank. Also comes in a brushed silver or matte white finish to match your décor. Built-in LED lighting and included marine backgrounds enhance the visual impact of the aquarium, and it looks great in a wide range of environments.

The Aussie Aquariums View is a complete wall-mounted aquarium kit. It comes with a submersible multi-stage aquarium filter with both bio-media and charcoal filtration, a siphon cleaner, grabbing tongs, and a fish net. It also comes with the mounting brackets and hardware you will need to hang this fish tank from the wall. This complete kit can be mounted and set up in less than an hour, allowing you to enjoy your fish tank faster and easier.

This wall-mounted fish tank doesn’t come with any substrate or plant décor, so you will need to purchase them separately. However, the different marine backgrounds that are included allow you to customize the look of the tank and choose a style that works well for your space.

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Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium – Verticali

A vertical fish tank is a stylish alternative design that can maximize your fish tank and wall space at the same time. The Aussie Aquariums Verticali measures 15.4 x 4.5 x 31.1 inches, and holds 4 gallons of water. Like other wall-mounted Aussie Aquariums, it has a stylish frame with built-in LED lighting and different marine backgrounds. It also comes with all the mounting hardware you need.

It also comes with a custom lid, a multi-function water filter, a fish net, a siphon cleaner, and grabber tongs.

Vertical aquariums can be a bit more challenging to keep. The smaller tank surface area can reduce the amount of oxygen available. Most fish prefer larger horizontal swimming space for swimming forward, rather than vertical space for swimming up and down.

A vertical aquarium is a great choice for a betta, however, because they like to feed at the surface and then explore, hide, or nap in the middle or bottom of the fish tank.

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Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium – Porthole

The Aussie Aquarium Porthole design wall mounted aquarium can help create an underwater nautical illusion in any room. This beautiful wall-mounted fish tank is 22 x 22 x 4 inches, and holds 2-3 gallons of water. The frame has an LED backlight, and is available in brushed silver, brushed black, or matte white finishes.

Like the other Aussie wall-mounted aquariums, this fish tank comes with a sturdy mounting bracket, a variety of aquarium backgrounds, and everything you need to get started with your fish.

It has a multi-stage filter with bio-media and charcoal filtration, a siphon cleaner, grabber tongs, and a fish net. The fish tank opens at the top for easy access when feeding and cleaning, and has a custom fit lid for security.

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Wall Mounted Fish Tank Buyer’s Guide

A wall mounted fish tank is a beautiful piece of home décor, but have some special considerations that are different from conventional aquariums. Here are some things to know before buying a wall-mounted fish tank:


Wall mounted fish tanks are necessarily smaller than conventional fish tanks, because they need to be light enough to hang on the wall. This small size can be too small for the health of many popular fish species, so make sure you choose your wall-mounted fish tank first, and then choose fish that can be happy and healthy in it.

Mounting hardware

Even though, by aquarium standards, wall-mounted aquariums are small and light weight, they still need exceptionally sturdy and stable mounting hardware in order to remain securely attached to a wall. Always hang a wall-mounted aquarium from a stud and ensure that it’s mounted correctly.

Care and maintenance

Because of their size and position, wall-mounted fish tanks are more work than regular aquariums, not less. Here are a few things to consider:

Because wall-mounted fish bubbles in particular are small in size and have no insulation, they are very prone to rapid temperature changes with the surrounding environment.

Because they don’t have much internal space for heaters and other accessories, make sure they are kept in a room with a very consistent temperature, and protected from direct sunlight.

Surface area

Because many wall-mounted aquariums have small or narrow openings for feeding the fish, there is also less surface area for oxygenating the water. Consider adding a small air stone to give fish the oxygen they need.

Cleaning and conditioning

Small fish tanks are less stable ecosystems, and are subject to faster, and potentially more dangerous, water chemistry changes. Test the water often, and consider adding algae eaters or a moss ball to preserve water quality.

While you may be able to pour a bucket of treated water into a conventional aquarium, a wall-mounted aquarium can be more difficult to reach and access for regular cleaning and water changes.

You may want to use an automatic water changer. This will help pump water into and out of the aquarium, making water changes easier.

Plants and decor for a wall-mounted fish tank

Because these tanks are small, fish may not have many areas to explore or to hide. A lack of hiding places can cause a fish to feel stress, so try to use plants and décor to create a more sheltered environment for your fish. Choosing “cave stones” can help make fish feel less exposed and more relaxed.


What kind of fish are best for a wall-mounted fish tank?

While manufacturers suggest that wall-mounted fish tanks are suitable environments for goldfish, the truth is that goldfish need at least a 10-gallon tank in order to be healthy. Most wall-mounted fish tanks are simply not that large, because they would be so heavy.

A wall-mounted fish tank that is 2-3 gallons is a good size for a male betta fish, provided that you use plants and décor to create hiding and resting places for him. For wall-mounted fish tanks that are less than 2 gallons of water, consider choosing:

– 2-3 female guppies
– 3-4 white cloud mountain minnows
– 2-3 neon tetras
– 1 pygmy pufferfish
– 5-6 pygmy corydoras
– 2-3 zebra danios

What kind of plants are good for a wall-mounted fish tank?

Most of the fish that would enjoy a smaller, wall-mounted fish tank will also prefer a home with living plants. However, these small tanks don’t have a lot of room for substrate, so look for small aquatic plants like dwarf baby tears, small mosses, or the manatee mudflower.

When pairing a plant with a betta fish, make sure the betta has plenty of space at the surface to breathe, or use an airstone to supply oxygen.


The best wall mounted fish tank for a betta is the Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium – Verticali.

It’s large enough for a betta to breathe easy and enjoy their space. Also has room for diverse décor and hiding places, and takes advantage of the betta’s preference for using vertical height in a tank to make the most of their environment.

It also looks incredibly stylish, and comes with the basic equipment you need to set up a new aquarium.

The best wall-mounted aquarium for small schooling fish is the Aussie Aquariums 2.0 Wall Mounted Aquarium. The included backgrounds let you choose an environment that will make the most of your small fish, and turn them into a beautiful art display.