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Fish Care

Why Are Fish At The Top Of Tank?

Usually, aquarium fish are seen happily swimming and hanging out at different depths of the aquarium they live in. Some fish types mostly prefer to dwell near the bottom surface, while others are more interested in spending their days in…
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How Do Fish Lay Eggs?

When it comes to reproduction and mating, fish get counted among the weirder types of aquatic animals out there. This distinction doesn't end with its classification in sets like livebearers vs egg layers, as each set has different types.…
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How Do Fish Communicate? [6 Ways]

Do you remember the last time when you were impatiently waiting for your friend to tell him something crazy that you saw while walking around the town? Do you remember how easy it was to do so? When we think about it, it is extremely easy…
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How Do Fish Breathe? Let’s Find Out!

All of the animals breathe. How they do so, however, varies. If you are reading this blog, you are probably a human. This means that you are breathing by inhaling oxygen, which your body needs to perform its normal functions, and…
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