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Fish Care

Do Fish Feel Pain? Facts You Must Know

Once, people used to believe that Fish were nothing more than the streams of protein swimming in the rivers and oceans of the world. We believe that the nervous systems and brain structures that fish possess aren't complex enough to…
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Can My Fish Recognize Me?

One of the most pleasing aspects of keeping any pet is the connection that comes into existence when a pet recognizes you. A dog, for example, recognizes its owner and treats the rest of the people differently. In "Can My Fish Recognize…
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Can A Fish Live In A Bowl? Yes or No?

Even if we own maintainable sized aquarium setups, the idea of keeping our pet fish in a small bowl is something that always seems to be pretty attractive to us. Whether on a bedroom side table, office table or a lobby table in the home,…
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Are Fish Hard To Take Care Of? [8 Tips]

Are you planning on keeping a pet fish but aren't sure whether or not it would make the best pet for you? It doesn't matter what kind of fish you are planning to keep, and there are certain fish care tips you should know before going for…
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What Do Betta Fish Eat?

When it comes to choosing fish for your aquarium, betta fish are among the top choices. They are strikingly beautiful and attractive fish. They get along well with their own kind, but not so well with other species of fish. This is why…
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Why Isn’t My Betta Fish Moving?

Betta fish are a stunning and attractive fish species, and they are known for their colorful fins. However, they are not considered to be friendly fish who play well with other fish. This is why they are mostly kept alone.
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Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy?

If you love having a fish tank in your house, it is essential to know how to take care of it. Not only does it ensure the well-being of your fish, but it also keeps the tank looking clean and healthy.
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